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  • reducing costs and protecting the environment
  • ensuring water is safe to drink
  • turning water back into a healthy, natural resource after use
  • making water safely available where needed

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Customers served! 0 % Water shortfall by 2030
According to the United Nations, by 2030, there will be a 40% shortfall of usable water on Earth.

Today, a quarter of the global population – 2 billion people – use unsafe drinking water sources.

Half of humanity – 3.6 billion people – live without safely managed sanitation.

And 1 in 3 people – 2.3 billion – lack basic handwashing facilities at home.

Over 80% of wastewater is released to the environment without being treated or reused.

And droughts could be the next pandemic.

Almost three quarters of all recent disasters are water-related, having caused economic damage of almost US$700 billion in the past 20 years.

– Vision statement UN 2023 Water Conference

There is no alternative. Protect the source. We all need